TM2 is a SUPERSEDED MODEL, please see TM1 or go to our model comparison site above.

Ideal engine protection for all moving vehicles

Cars, Trucks, Boats, Bikes, Tractors & Machinery (air or water cooled)

The TM2 accurately displays engine temperature and alarms with a Warning Light & Buzzer if engine overheating occurs.

The Engine Watchdog TM2 is the latest in engine temperature warning protection. It offers the best all round engine protection available and yet remains the easiest and safest system on the market to install. The TM2 can be fitted by a home handyman.

The TM2 is ideal for alarming engines, gear boxes, transmissions, transfer boxes, pumps, in fact any machinery that operates up to 125 degrees Celsius (255 F).

The TM2 uses the advanced electronic 'EASY FIT' heat sensor. The sensor fits like a washer under any convenient bolt on the engine that is near the heat source, such as a thermostat housing bolt, tappet cover bolt or similar. There is no need to break into the cooling system in any way. By precisely monitoring the engines metal temperature instead of coolant temperature, the TM2 can detect engine overheating caused by low coolant, engine coolant leaks, radiator blockages, faulty thermostats, water pump failure and restricted air flow caused by grass and seeds blocking the radiator.

The heat sensor is interfaced to the control unit that is mounted where the driver can observe the digital temperature readout and hear the inbuilt alarm. The power plugs into the cigarette lighter socket on either 12 or 24 volt systems or can be hard wired. The TM2 has a fully programmable temperature alarm that can be set at any temperature between 1 to 125 degrees Celsius (34 to 255F).

To set the audible overheating alarm, you do not need to know your engines temperature specifications. You simply observe the highest operating temperature the engine reaches during normal driving and then set the overheating alarm a few degrees higher by using the push button on the front panel. It your choice where you set the alarm sensitivity, you can set it very finely to indicate if the engine is just working a bit hard, right up to where it only goes off if something is really going wrong.

PLUS  The TM2 comes standard with an option to make your existing dashboard oil warning light Audible by using the TM2's buzzer (not suitable for gauges).

Just connect the optional 'audible oil wire' to the top of the oil sender along with the existing wire going to the oil light, and each time the light comes on the alarm sounds (For a time delay before engine starting See model TM4).

US. & Canadian Customers - Fahrenheit readout is available, see Specifications and Specify Model TM2F when ordering.

TM2 has a number of free options, see FREE OPTIONS over.








Similar to the TM2 only with a modern LCD display with a automatic back light and a lot more features & options. Including 2 sensor versions with customized wording.





Fahrenheit Version Unit: Reads in two degree increments from 34 to 255 degrees F. CLICK 'TM2F' TO ORDER

Water resistant front for boats and machinery: This is a standard unit, except the push button on the front is mounted flush and has a piece of rubber mounted over it to keep water out. To set the alarm temperature, the operator needs to push on the rubber with a pointer such as the tip of a pen (For a unit with a push button switch that is water resistant, See Model TM4). CLICK 'W/R FRONT' WHEN ORDERING

Longer sensor leads for boats & machinery: Lengths up to 10 metes (30ft) are free. A small charge applies to longer lead lengths. SPECIFY LENGTH REQUIRED WHEN ORDERING

External Alarm Output lead: The TM2 alarms using an internal buzzer. The voltage that drives this buzzer can also drive an inexpensive 12v horn/spotlight relay for turning on flashing lights & other warning devices. NOTE the internal buzzer and relay come on together (To control a Cooling Fan Relay, See model TM4) IF REQUIRED, CLICK 'BUZZER OUTPUT LEADS' & THE LENGTH REQUIRED

Lid without mounting tabs. Standard units come with 12mm tabs on the sides for under dash mounting. If you want straight edges, CLICK NO MOUNTING TABS' WHEN ORDERING

Oil Light Option. This is a standard feature on all TM2s and allows an existing dash oil light to become audible when ever the light comes on. See over. (For a time delay before engine starting See Model TM4)

Compact Size: The box section looking at the display face is W 82 mm x H 30 mm. A standard lid with mounting tabs adds 12 mm to each end. A lid with No mounting tabs is available , see below in FREE OPTIONS Depth back is 60 mm. The box section in inches is: W - 3.2", H - 1.2", Depth back - 2.4", Standard lid with tabs adds .5" to each end

Max operating Temp: 125 degrees Celsius or 255 Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit version is available, see below in FREE OPTIONS

Alarm Temp: Adjustable by pressing the front push button. Can be set to alarm at any temperature between 1 to 125 degrees Celsius. (TM2F is adjustable from 34 to 255 degrees Fahrenheit in two degree increments)

Alarm Volume: Internal alarm 85db, plenty for most situations. Very loud external mini sirens are available at EXTRA COST. See Pricing

Sensor wire length: 4m (12ft) Longer leads are available for boats and machinery, see below in FREE OPTIONS.

Power: Standard cigarette lighter plug fitted, suits12 or 24 volt systems